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Google Certified TensorFlow Developer

About Me

Someone who wants to go the extra distance, dig a little deeper, push a little harder. Get after it.


Turkish: Mother Tongue

English: Advanced

Japanese: Beginner

Personal Info

Address: Karabaglar/Izmir/TURKEY 35150


Yasar University, Izmir/Turkey

Computer Engineering, B.Sc. (English - 100% Scholarship), 2015 – 2020

GPA: 3.8/4.00 High Honor Student

Projects Co-Curricular Experience

Senior Design Project, The SLATE Project

A complete system was developed to recognize and transcribe Turkish sign-language alphabet and numbers with the aid of artificial intelligence and facilitate daily conversations of the speech/hearing impaired using an Android application, a Python Neural Engine API and an Arduino based, display hardware.

  • Extensive knowledge on subjects such as, Machine Learning, Deep Learning and Computer Vision was acquired.
  • Experience on frameworks and libraries like Tensorflow and OpenCV was gained.

Reverse Engineering Studies

Assisted an instructor with his PhD studies on malware analysis, November 2017 - July 2018

  • Studied a variety of malware to identify their similarities.
  • Analyzed existing malware statically and dynamically.

Gave a workshop titled “Reverse Engineering” in IEEE Computer Society CYBER EGE’18 event, May 2018

  • Introduced the software that is used to analyze, debug and reverse engineer executables, such as radare2.

Work Experience

Yasar Information Technologies Inc. – Astron, Izmir/Turkey

Java Department, Intern, June 2019 – July 2019

  • With a team of interns, a project was developed to achieve effective allocation and management of meeting rooms in any company, using Spring Framework.
  • Relational databases were designed, created and managed using PostgreSQL and Hibernate.
  • Beautiful and intuitive UI’s were developed, with ease of use and user experience in mind, utilizing tools like Bootstrap, Thymeleaf and jQuery.

SkyPOS Technology Inc., Izmir/Turkey

Software Developer, July 2018 – September 2018

  • A software was developed to scan and analyze e-mails received from the contracted airline, extract the needed information and registers it to the related database using Entity Framework.
  • Provided on-site technical support for failed POS devices at the airport.
  • Tested new software releases of SkyPOS and reported issues found.

Pride Foreign Trade S.A., Izmir/Turkey

Freelance Front-end Developer, July 2017

  • Using only HTML5 and CSS3, designed and developed a responsive web site (can be accessed here) to replace the old, non-responsive one.

Technical Skills

Programming Languages: C, Java, Python, JavaScript, PHP, SQL, Assembly

Operating Systems: Windows, Linux

Frameworks TensorFlow, Spring, Flask, Bootstrap, jQuery, Vue.js

Other Tools and Software: Git, Proteus, MATLAB, Max+ Plus II, Logisim, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, MS Office, Eclipse IDE, IntelliJ IDEA, Wireshark, radare2

Other Interests/Hobbies

Fitness, 2013-Present

  • Heavily involved in weightlifting and fitness for over 5 years. Became a lifestyle.
  • Written a training program called “Masterpiece” which is used by many friends and people in my local gym.

Podcasting/Blogging, Etki Teorisi Podcast, April 2018-August 2019

  • Hosted a podcast on iTunes, Apple Podcast and Android Podcast.
  • Topics concerning self-improvement are covered, such as time management, will power etc.

Photography, Portrait, Nature and Night

Amateur photography is one of the things I'm really passionate about.

  • Some of my work can be found here.